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Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that you may have questions about our products, services, or policies. To make your experience as seamless as possible, we've compiled a list of common inquiries and provided detailed answers right here. Whether you're a new customer looking for information or a returning visitor seeking clarification, our FAQ page is designed to address your concerns quickly and effectively. If you can't find the answer you're looking for, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team for further assistance. Browse our FAQ categories below to find the information you need.

How much do you charge for a cleaning?

The cost for hygiene care is dependent on several factors; how long has it been since your previous dental cleaning? How much buildup has accumulated on your teeth? What is the condition of your gums and bone? Some people require more scaling than others and some need deep cleaning called root planing. We do not provide “cookie cutter” care; instead treatment is tailored to your individual needs so your overall health goals are met. We do offer complimentary consultations to briefly assess and provide an accurate quote if needed. We are transparent with pricing and want to put your mind at ease. We engage you every step of the way so you are an intricate part of the treatment plan.

My teeth are very sensitive during cleanings. Can you help?

Yes! We will do everything we can to keep you comfortable during your hygiene appointment. We offer a few things for sensitivity relief including : applying a desensitizing agent along tooth surfaces (especially roots) where nerves are most active, placing topical anaesthetic gel/liquid along the gums and anaesthetic injection for complete pain relief.  We also use techniques that are gentle along the teeth and gums and use Airflow technology for increase comfort and efficiency.

Does your office follow the current Alberta dental fee guide and do you direct bill to my insurance?

We strive to make oral health care more accessible and affordable. We have set our office fees LOWER than the current Alberta fee guide and yes we direct bill to your insurance benefit plan. We want your visit with us to be hassle-free. We’re happy to take care of your insurance claim process for you.

What happens if I need to see a dentist?

We collaborate closely with several amazing dentists here in Airdrie; as well as dental specialists, so your oral health needs are addressed.  We complete an oral exam during your visit to assess the health of your mouth; including soft tissue, teeth and gums (we even do an oral cancer/ head -neck exam). If we detect a cavity or any other clinical findings that we are unable to treat directly; we forward the X-rays taken at our office and supporting documentation for the required treatment to our referring dentist who will address your needs appropriately.  There is thorough communication between offices and no double charging of services will occur.

Can I book my hygiene care with your office and still see my current dentist?

Yes absolutely. You have the right to choose the care you want. If you’re happy with your current dentist, we encourage you to continue this relationship. We have several patients that are seeing their favourite dentist for exams and restorative treatments; and see us for their hygiene care. We are happy to communicate with your other office when needed to address your oral health needs.

How can a Dental Hygienist open and operate a clinic without a dentist?

In November 2006, Alberta’s Health Professions Act allowed registered hygienists to open independent clinics, without dentist supervision, to provide preventative oral health care. Dental hygienists play an important role as primary healthcare providers; especially since oral health is directly linked to systemic illnesses such as diabetes, lung & cardiovascular disease and alzheimer’s). Our profession’s governing body, Alberta College of Dental Hygienists, set forth the Standards of Practice for us to adhere by to ensure public safety and professional conduct.